Working with a small business budget is all about maximizing. Making the best of what you have, and strategizing to get exactly what you need at the lowest cost. But budgeting doesn’t mean employee benefits and payroll have to be compromised. Both of these are vital when running a business despite the fact that they can drain essential resources for your budget.
At VertiSource HR®, we have developed a strategy for those with small business budgets to make the most out of their payroll.
The VertiSource HR® Cloud contains a series of modules that can help your business stay organized, efficient and keep your costs down. The payroll module makes its easy to approve, manage and execute payroll for all your employees on time.
All your data is automatically integrated with other VertiSource HR® modules, such as onboarding and hiring information so you don’t have to rekey anything from one system to another.
You can quickly review timesheets, process your payrolls, and even see payroll status in real-time.
Employees can also view payroll and benefits information from their computer, tablet or smartphone which can save you a great deal of time, as well as open the lines of communication with your staff.
Access to payroll data is granted to individuals in your organization as needed, and you can control what specific data, fields, and reports each individual can see.
Your payroll can even include your brand logos on checks, so your employees have a consistent experience.
This time saver can maximize your small business budget by taking the headache out of payroll and transforming into a well organized system.
For more information on how to implement VertiSource HR® Cloud into your small business budget, visit us as or speak with a representative at 855.565.VSHR (8747)


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