At VertiSource HR®, the personal attention we give our client partners is paramount to our joint success. Combined with ourHuman Resource Information System (HRIS), which allows companies to manage all their employee critical data at the touch of a mouse, we are the #HumanTouch of HR Automation, a moniker we are proud of.

Over the next few weeks, we are featuring VertiSource HR® employees who volunteer for causes they are passionate about. What is truly exceptional about our employees is their commitment to lending a helping hand, not only to our client partners, but also in their local communities.

This week, we had a chance to catch up with VertiSource HR®’s Sammi Bench. She was more than happy to share her philanthropic beginnings with us and how it continues to inspire her today. Let us inspire you with her story of paying it forward.

VertiSource HR® Blogger (VB): Can you tell us a little about your professional background?
Samantha Bench (SB): I mostly have a few years of accounting experience. Before I started here, I worked with payroll for a plumbing company for about eight years so I became very familiar with payroll processes. I also had an opportunity to work at a bank for about a year and half to two years which really provided me with a strong foundation in accounting processes, as well.

VB: What inspired you to get involved in philanthropic work?
SB: Originally, my school had requirements that I needed to fulfill in order to earn credits. Volunteering was part of that and what turned out to be a credit filler became something that I began to enjoy. I don’t volunteer as much now as I used to, but it’s something that I would eventually like to get back into.

VB: Has volunteering in your community changed your perception of the community and its needs?
SB: I had a couple of volunteer opportunities that helped reshape my perspective about the community and its needs. One opportunity that I had was working with homeless pets. I am an animal lover and I wanted to help give them a home. It was heart-breaking to see these animals without a home or someone to love them.
I also volunteered for the Cathedral of the Madeleine who would do sack lunches for the homeless and hand them out. I saw many who were either homeless or could not afford to buy food for them and, in some cases, their families. This was also heart-breaking and helped me realize the sense of urgency we should have to help others when they are in need.
Both of these volunteering opportunities brought a lot of concerns to light when I volunteered at each and really put things into a new perspective for me.

VB: Has your philanthropic work improved other aspects of your personal and professional life? i.e. better listener, more initiative, etc.
SB: I have always been a caring person. I think the main point that philanthropic work has done for me, both personally and professionally, is inspire a greater sense to be more caring and considerate. It has also helped me in putting my best effort forth by becoming more attentive that people are taken care of, whether it is with volunteering or career activities.

VB: What are some of the most memorable moments you’ve experienced volunteering?
SB: My most memorable moments involved helping someone personally- helping them out with whatever they need. One experience I enjoyed was helping my grandfather. I had a chance to really get to know him on a more personal level. I also have fond memories of the animals that I worked with too. I spent time with animals who wanted love and it was exciting to see them get adopted and find a home.

VB: What advice would you give to someone considering philanthropic work?
SB: I would say to get involved- it opens your eyes to things to different aspects of a situation and gives you a different viewpoint. It allows you to grow in many ways and makes you feel good about yourself too. You are giving back to back to the community and tend to think less of yourself while doing it.

VB: In what ways would you say group philanthropy elevates a company and its culture?
SB: When a company is actively involved in the community, it can be viewed as more of a personal company, not just as a corporation. I think that it gets their name out there for good because they give back to the community.

A big THANKS to Sammi for lending us her time! Please share this article and get others inspired to give-back!