California recognizes claims for invasion of privacy, including intrusion into private affairs, public disclosure of private facts, false light (portraying someone in an unflattering light), and appropriation of name or likeness. Additionally, the state uses specific procedures for criminal record checks, credit checks, monitoring of telephone conversations, and other surveillance and data collection situations. Beyond the federal government’s requirements, California imposes additional requirements regarding employee privacy. These include genetic testing, drug testing, polygraph tests, and more. In California, employers cannot request or demand that employees and applicants release social media login or access information. In addition, employers cannot retaliate against an employee or applicant who refuses to provide social media logins, passwords, usernames, or links.

The California Consumer Privacy Act grants a California resident the right to request that, when a business obtains their personal information, the categories and details of the information collected are disclosed to the consumer.

Within California, areas including Los Angeles, Richmond, and San Francisco have requirements concerning employee privacy. Many of these requirements involve criminal records screenings for potential hires.

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