The summer solstice is a cause for celebration. Summer is officially in full force and its the longest day of the year, no matter which side of the equator you live on. This worldwide celebration, falling on June 21st this year, should be commemorated, even if you are stuck indoors.


Here are some fun activities and suggestions for you and your employees to celebrate the summer solstice from within the office.



  1. Take a moment to be thankful for the sun



Take your break or lunch outside today. As the sun shines on your skin, notice how the warmth feels on your body. Bathing in the light of the sun can rejuvenate you for the rest of your work day and also provide you with energizing vitamin D.  


  1.  Flower Crowns


Flower crowns are easy to make and can be a really fun way to celebrate summer. Even if some of your employees feel uncomfortable wearing them, decorating the office with these floral and bright crowns can be a positive morale booster for your staff. Click the links below for flower crown tutorials to try for your celebration:


via Proflowers


Via Lauren Conrad


Via Refinery29


  1.  Indoor Garden


If your office receives a fair amount of natural sunlight during the day, why not add some plants to your workspace. In preparation for the summer solstice, you could invite your staff to bring in flower or herb seeds to make a mini indoor garden at their desk or by the office windows. Greenery not only naturally filters the air your employees breath all day, this burst of plant life can be exciting to watch grow.


  1. Have a Solstice Feast


Food is always a fun motivator around the office. Plan a summer solstice party or potluck where employees are encouraged to bring in summer dishes of their choice. Visiting local farmers markets for ingredients is also a great suggestion and way to support your local community.  According to All Things Good, “The foods served (traditionally during the summer solstice) mimicked the celestial being: round, sun-colored fruits like lemons, oranges, mangoes, peaches and nectarines, and vegetables like yellow squash, corn and tomatoes. Bonus if the foods were grilled over an open flame – again symbolizing the sun.” Other popular ingredients included honey and fresh herbs, lavender, fennel and chamomile. The link provided also includes some recipe inspiration!  


  1. Office Yoga/Meditation


The summer solstice has been named International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly which makes today a perfect time to practice, even in the office. Sun salutations (sun salutes) are a great way to honor the sun and are perfect for stretching out the body after a long day of sitting.

Click here for some office yoga poses to try with your staff.

  1. Set Intentions

The solstices and equinoxes are a great time of year to commit to a quarterly goal review or to set clear goals and intentions. Have your staff take a moment throughout their work day to write down what they seek to accomplish for the rest of the year, either personally or within their work. This team building activity will leave your employees feeling goal oriented and organized in celebration of the summer solstice.