An employer offering a high paying salary along with benefits can build up a strong reputation not only for you but also your business. The combination of the two is beneficial in promoting improved work habits and reducing employee turnover.  Benefits tend to drive employee engagement while providing a sense of security, encouraging workers to stay at their job, even during tough times. A standard workplace consists of a diverse group of individuals, and it’s important for companies to consider different aspects of employee benefits based on various factors. Businesses should invest in a company that offers efficient ways to handle HR functions.

At VertiSource HR, we implement a Web-based employee self-service functionality that allows employees of your organization to access their personal data securely over the web. Employees will be able to access their information any time of the day from the convenience of their home. Another great benefit is that an employee self-service program can drastically reduce the workload of an HR department and can allow HR personnel’s to focus on more important issues.  Employees can have access to personal information updates, company policies, employment verification, W2 inquiries, direct deposit changes and so much more. Employee self-service is quickly becoming the HR standard.