Attracting and motivating the best talent for your company is going to take some work. Fortunately, the technological advances that have been made over the years has lead to a continuous flow of efficient apps, modules, and platforms for businesses to utilize to both attract and motivate talented employees.

1. Mobile Hiring Apps

Since most millennials and Gen Z workers are extremely tech savvy, it is not surprising they use digital tools and platforms to look for work. According to Fast Company, “nearly two-thirds (64%) of 2015 grads have used a mobile app to search and apply for positions, and they consider social networking the most effective method for finding a job.” Employers must look where their future employees already are by investing in the many digital recruitment options.

2.   Eliminate Geographical Barriers

It may seem plausible to hiring locally to leverage your own network and train new hires in person. However, your network might not always sustain itself. By offering virtual work, you can expand your quest with freedom to search for talent across the nation, which will give you a significant competitive advantage.
“Businesses are embracing remote workers because the absence of a traditional office environment and hours can increase efficiency and make employees more productive than ever”, according to Dan Schawbel of Time. And with studies showing that 45% of the U.S workforce now has a job that’s suitable for full-time or part-time telecommuting, making this shift to search outside of your geography can narrow your search for talent, and keep them motivated and happy, longer.

3.   Flexibility and Time

Technology enables you to evolve your position on flexibility and productivity, which offers a compelling perk to candidates. For some companies practicing this idea, the 40-hour work week is seemingly an archaic notion.
Technology allows employees to complete work correctly and accurately, but not have to spend an unreasonable amount of time doing so. For the employer, this means saving time and money. While some employees may finish a task in 6 hours, others can complete it in 4, but they get the same amount of money to do so. For example, rather than hourly charges, employers can focus on productivity, which will deliver true value to clients or customers. Employees are then able to work independently, as much or as little as they like, as long as the job gets done.
This kind of flexibility has been proven to empower employees, keep them positive and motivated and also produce the highest levels of productivity.

4.   Real Time Performance Reviews

Traditionally, performance reviews are on an annual or quarterly basis. However, feedback should be ongoing if you want to keep a happy and productive staff.
Investing in an automated performance review process with HR software, can make giving and receiving real-time feedback simple and effective.

According to Matt Straz of, “Instant feedback mechanisms can significantly improve engagement and motivation by consistently guiding employees in the right direction.” This tool can also allow employees the ability to offer suggestions to management, directly. Employees can feel that they have a voice that is being heard, which can also boost morale.

5.  Preparing for the future

Technology enables you to stay relevant to both your clients and your talent. Most companies, as a whole, don’t run on paper and neither should you. The same goes for attracting top talent. Prospects won’t tolerate stacks of paper or driving long distances from home to get checks signed. And in this technological age, they shouldn’t have to.
By implementing this mindset and a commitment to integrating the right technology, companies can attract and retain top talent to ensure success now and into the future. Preparation is key.

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