It’s no secret. People are lining up in droves to get the first and second round of the coronavirus vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies are currently doing their best to roll out as many vaccines as possible with those in the high-risk categories, elderly and healthcare workers, receiving primary focus. There are, however, many who will not get the vaccine. Since there isn’t enough of the vaccine to distribute to everyone just yet, it plays into a workplace human resource dilemma.

How do you, as the boss, determine the best way to handle this situation? Some employers require that all their employees get vaccinated before returning to the workplace. So, where do you stand?

One circumstance could be that a portion of your workforce who have gotten vaccinated still feel uncomfortable because some of their co-workers haven’t gotten vaccinated, and those who haven’t gotten the vaccine refuse to get it. They cannot before forced or coerced into getting the shot.

What a Human Resource mess!

One solution is consulting with your outsourced human resources provider. But if your HR is internal, then the first thing to do is determine if this is even an issue within your company. Perhaps you can discuss with various team leads and ask them to have a casual discussion with their team and see/determine if a concern among your employees even exists.

Some great examples they can ask are:

  • When they finish taking care of the frontline healthcare worker and the elderly, and you can get the vaccine, are you getting the vaccine?
  • Does it bother you if others here at the office don’t get vaccinated?
  • Would it cause you not to want to come to the office if that were the case, or would you feel fine knowing you’re vaccinated?

Once your team leads report back, and you determine that there indeed is a division and concern among your employees. The next step is to follow one of the seven habits of highly effective people, and that is to “Seek first to understand, then to be understood!”

Take the following steps.

  • Ask the team lead to speak to the employee who expressed concern. See if it’s okay to reach out to him/her about the discussion you had the other day regarding the vaccine. You could have them state that you want to gain their perspective on the matter and understand where they stand on this issue. This is a great key to handle key human resource trust issues.
  • Once you have permission, then talk to that team member and listen more than you speak.
  • After you have all the information, you can then determine the best course of action.

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