The concept of balancing both your work-life and your home/family life can be difficult to actually implement into your daily routine. Of course, it sounds great in theory but then the busyness of life takes over and you can find yourself struggling to keep up.

But what exactly is a work-life balance? 

Before putting this balance into action, having a clear definition of what this harmony means can help you stay organized, level headed and actually perform better in both aspects of life.

Life Balance 

Lifestyle balance starts with narrowing your focus. Concentrate on the main aspects of your life that are important to your mind, body, and connections with others. Here are some examples:

1. Your health
2. Family and friends
3. Relationships
4. Finances
5. Personal/Spiritual growth
6. Hobbies or fun activities

Try writing down what is most important to you so you can see it on paper, creating a lasting imprint in your mind. By prioritizing these essential and vital parts of your life, you can achieve the happiness, financial organization and interpersonal connections that will allow you to take a break from your work and rejuvenate yourself. That way you will be fresh and ready to tackle your work life.

Work Balance 

So what does your work life expect from you? What do you expect from them? This balance goes both ways.

Your company wants from you:

1. Time
2. Performance
3. Engagement
4. Commitment
5. Knowledge

You want from the company:

1. Time
2. Compensation
3. Communication
4. Collaboration
5. Promotion
6. Recognition

With this factors in the forefront of your mind, evaluate what your priorities are and consider how each can serve in your balance. Reflect on where change is needed. Otherwise, you will continue to feel unfulfilled and unbalanced. Possible changes could include, changing employers/careers or communicating your issues and concerns to your boss.

Finding a balance may take some time and/or trial and error. But the result of achieving this harmony will far outweigh the potential struggle it may take to get there. This active and present approach will allow you to perform better at work with a clear, organized focus, be the maker of your own destiny and create the control you desire for your life.

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