The Keys to a Successful Onboarding Process

In recent years, many organizations have begun to recognize the importance of developing an efficient and effective onboarding program for their new employees.  Studies have found correlations

Landmark EEOC Ruling Furthers LGBT Rights in the U.S.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is now enforcing a groundbreaking development under the Title VII Civil Rights Act: they are prohibiting sex discrimination and forbidding any employment discrimination

World-Class Safety with Zero Incidents is Possible…

Did you know your company culture has a significant correlation on safety and number of recordable incidents? Implementing a strong safety culture increases performance, productivity and profitability.

What does

“Did you document it?” – all HR practitioners, everywhere.

I’m almost positive you’ve heard that line before.  And I’m almost positive it was in response to a discussion about the performance or behavior of an employee that

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