National PEO Week 2023 runs from May 21-27. The annual observance represents an opportunity for us, and other PEO’s, to educate business and community leaders on how the PEO model can help their companies grow and thrive. But it is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the PEO concept. To that end, we invite you to get to know a PEO during this year’s National PEO Week observance.

National PEO Week is spearheaded by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO). NAPEO is one of the largest and most recognized professional organizations in our industry. Their hard-working team advocates on behalf of PEOs as well as serves as a resource and support network.

What the Week Is All About

As for National PEO Week, it is all about raising awareness. A lot of business owners have never even heard of a PEO let alone entertained the idea of partnering with one. And among those who have at least heard of PEOs, their knowledge of how PEO services work tends to be limited. Taking an entire week to focus on PEO services offers the opportunity to educate business owners.

Through the NAPEO, organizations like ours have access to PowerPoint presentations, press releases, sample letters for contacting elected officials, and more. We utilize those resources in concert with our own efforts to promote the PEO concept. Through education and advocacy, we can introduce more people to PEO services in a way that is informational and relevant.

What PEO Services Are All About

PEO services are all about making companies leaner and more efficient by outsourcing the responsibility of many of the more time-consuming HR tasks. Under the letter of the law, a PEO acts as a co-employer for tax reporting purposes. For daily practical purposes though, the employer maintains control over job descriptions, task assignments, employee scheduling, and even compensation.

We can use Vertisource PEO services to illustrate the model. Let’s say your company decided to contract with us as your PEO. Under both state and federal law, we would become a co-employer with your company. We would handle things like pre-employment administration, benefits administration, records management, and so forth. You and your management team would maintain control over assigning roles, determining salaries and benefits, scheduling workers, etc.

We Handle HR and You Do the Rest

The PEO model helps businesses of all sizes grow and thrive. How so? By letting us handle HR while our clients do the rest. Whatever your business specializes in is what you and your employees should be concentrating on. Meanwhile, we specialize in all things HR. It is what we do best.

When you and your team don’t have to worry about benefits administration, HR compliance, and other such things, you are free to concentrate on what sets you apart from your competitors. You can put your energies into creating a better version of your company more capable of keeping customers happy.

Happy customers tell others about your business. They develop loyalty to your brand over time, constantly returning to your business when they need the products or services you offer. In its simplest form, this is how you grow and expand a business. You provide a product or service better than anyone else.

PEOs provide a vital service to companies looking to maintain world-class HR functions without having to do all the heavy lifting themselves. If you are not familiar with the PEO concept, we invite you to take advantage of National PEO Week 2023 to change that. Get to know a PEO. Better yet, get to know VertiSource.